In order to present to the world this authentic taste of Hong Kong, EULONG decided to combine the traditional crafts with modern technology to turn it into a unique industrial-scale product that had until then been made by food workshop. Since its establishment in 1988, its quality has always been a point of reference in China and the world for those who look for a delicious flavor and sweetness of the authentic Chinese cookies. High quality sweetness can only originate in a great passion: a passion for tradition that respects for good quality and for the natural taste of products. At the basis of modern nutrition and new life style, we also consider innovation, technology and research are the important tools to improve and safeguard quality. 

We pride ourselves on promoting the Chinese tradition of baked food in the world, making every moment of consumption as a sweet and delightful one. With our long-standing experience, EULONG has made its mark on the market for baked goods in recent decades. The sweet pleasure of cookie rolls has been associated with the EULONG reputation. The unmistakable taste, the consistently high quality and trust in the product have made EULONG what it is today: a successful and modern company.

COOKIE ROLLS  here are delicate crispy cookies made from a sweet, egg-rich batter that's pressed between the flat surfaces of a hinged pan, cooked briefly, then rolled in several overlapping layers while still warm. 

As one of Hong Kong’s most famous street snacks, it is not only popular with locals but also loved by the visitors from far and near with its lovely golden color, multi-layered crispness and delectable cake-like scent.

 It used to be made with charcoal fire heating and commonly sold from street stalls in Hong Kong.